General Wellness

4 Pillars to a Strong Immune System: A Functional Nutritionist Perspective

Building a strong immune system is not just about popping vitamin supplements or diffusing your favorite immune building oils. It’s a deeper, more involved approach that includes decisions to nurture the body and mind through interwoven aspects. We’ll call them “pillars” for the purpose of this post. Your immune system pillars are: sleep, exercise, healthy eating, and psychosocial well-being. Creating an intentional care plan for each of these areas will help you strengthen your immune system and prep your body for its best defense.

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combatting the effects of aging
Age-Related Disease

How Can we Combat the Effects of Aging?

As we age, we start feeling different in our bodies. Things tend to start breaking down and it can seem like an uphill battle to wellness. There’s no desire to increase our lifespan without an increase in wellness. The goal isn’t just to live longer, it’s to live healthier. We call this ‘health span’. Can we combat the effects of aging and increase our ‘health span’?

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