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Autoimmune & chronic conditions, cognitive decline, unexplained illnesses, digestive issues...
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The Road Back to Your Health

Whatever brought you to this place, the path that lead you to how you feel today; we need to retrace that path to uncover the places and spaces your body started to deteriorate. It likely wasn’t just one thing that has contributed to the symptoms you’re struggling with. We will work together to consider all of the factors and create a plan that starts you on the right path toward health and restoration.

Personalized Plan
Step by Step Approach
Empowered Client
Commit & Correct
Uncover the Root

Uncover the Root

Pain, discomfort and dis-ease are effects...we need to uncover the cause(s). We will be incredibly thorough in testing and analysis of your history and current circumstances to give us the best starting place for your personalized plan.

Personalized Plan

Since every person has a unique history, a unique genetic make up and has walked a unique path of life and experience, then your plan to recover your health must be just as unique. You will help to create a plan that is tailored to your needs and even your preferences.

Step By Step Approach

You didn't get to where you are now in one giant leap. It's been the compilation of choices, events and experiences that have worked to create your current outcomes. And just like you didn't get here in one step, we will create a staged plan that progresses as we move forward one step at a time.

Empowered Client

Your success rate is directly correlated to your motivation to stick to a plan. Your motivation is directly correlated to your understanding of the "why" behind the "what." You will be equipped and empowered through education so that you can take back control of your health.

Commit & Correct

The road back to your health requires your commitment. It is consistency of small things over time that produce the bigger outcome of "health" that you desire. As we walk out the plan, we will course correct as needed, tweak our steps and continue to move forward together.

Meet Linda Verjus

Restoration Through Nutritional Therapy

Registered Nutritional Therapists are trained to take a holistic approach to your health. Factors affecting your mind, body, environment and more are taken into account to uncover the causes of your symptoms and determine the lifestyle + nutraceutical therapy plan for recovery. 

Linda has studied for the last 4 years at the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin receiving her diploma of UK Level 6 in Nutritional Therapy as well as many other certifications. 

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